'In the stars' is dedicated to and inspired by those who are now a twinkle in the sky. A shining beacon of hope that we can gaze upon and know that they are always there, watching over us.
Cancer is something we all seem to be too familiar with. Most of us know someone taken by it, going through it or directly affected by it. 
Some years ago, my best friend's parents whom I was extremely close to, were both taken by cancer and more recently my partner's mum lost her battle with the disease. 

This collection was created for them. 

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My heart breaks to think you are gone, yet I know you in fact live on – in the stars.

Dedicated to Ann, Reney & Mr Cook x

In memory of them, 20% of the profits from each piece will go to the Cancer Council towards their much needed research, support and prevention programs. In the hope that we can get one step closer to not having to say goodbye to another loved one.